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Cat's can't live without "The Cat's Meowee"

Tracy 2018
My cats absolutely LOVE your catnip but I have not been able to locate any for quite awhile. I would appreciate any help you could give me. I have checked the 3 Dollar Trees in town and had relatives in other states/cities checking, still no luck. Thank you for any help you can provide.

Can't find it at Dollar Tree? Buy it on their website!

Morgan 2018
So I can’t find any of your catnip anywhere and I’ve been to 9 different dollar stores since the 1 time I found one near me. Do you guys sell them by any chance anywhere?
Nancy 2018
I have been to 3 dollar stores and they do not carry the catnip. Can I purchase cases directly from you. I need lots of it.
charlene 2018
Hi your catnip has been out of stock for over a month in all dollar tree stores by me. How can i buy Some it’s the only one my cats like?
Leonardo 2018
I checked the two Dollar Tree stores nearest me and neither one carries you catnip. Any suggestions for buying locally?
Sandi 2018
Dollar Tree hasn't carried this product for the better part of a year (my best estimate), and although I stocked up with as much as they had whenever they had it, I am now out and my kitties just sit and stare at the shelf where I used to keep it. I have spent millions of $$ (more or less) trying to find another brand that they'll deign to use, but to no avail. PLEASE HELP ME get some of this stuff. And yes, I have tried all six stores in my area (SF Bay Area) and NO ONE carries it anymore. My cats are planning a coup and I'm afraid to sleep at night for fear of retaliation for no CAT'S MEOWEE PREMIUM GRADE ALL NATURAL CATNIP. Lives are at risk here. Cat cravings are going unsatisfied. Please tell me what to do.
Charlie 2017
Looking forward to new crop. After one bag my cats now totally ignore big brand catnip. It's way too good for Dollar Tree but since you're exclusive DT should at least sell it online. I found one bag on Ebay and bought it. Cheers - Charlie
Shelley 2017
I finally found a catnip my cats go crazy over at a price I can afford at dollar tree and I have been asking for months and they seem to keep telling me the same thing that they don't carry it anymore, I was wondering if possible is there any other way or place I can find this same brand at a comparable price? Thank You Shelley, The Crazy Cat Lady! LOL
There are so many more reviews sent to us weekly! Please let us know what your cats think of the cat's meowee!
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